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About the Course

It is a common frustration among parents to see their children spend a lot of time playing games on the computer or smartphone. But computers and smartphones aren’t all bad.

Take Nick d’Aloisio for example. He is a 17-year-old who has recently sold his company, Summly, to Yahoo for a price of $ 26.6 million. He started learning to code when he was 9 years old. The difference is that while most kids these days simply “use” technology, Nick was learning how to “create” technology.

At Little Coders we strongly believe the future is digital and children should develop technical skills and use them to launch their great ideas. The course will help kids formulate their ideas and teach them the skills needed. We will also give them the experience of storyboarding, problem-solving, and testing, as part of the design process.

About the Trainer

Brian Anderson has worked as a technical consultant for Solstice Mobile since June of 2013. He graduated with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He specializes in iOS and Android development and has over seven years of experience in front-end web technologies. Brian developed the curriculum for Little Coders from his practice teaching elementary students basic computer programming skills for college credit at the University of Wisconsin. He has since worked to refine the curriculum over the past year and is passionate about teaching computer science to a new generation of kids.

Course Content

We have created a 5 weeks program which includes:

Introduction to Computer Science and Scratch, Exploring Scratch with Pong, Flappy bird and Mario.
What is Object? How to control objects? Scratch Pen Tool Demo
User-Input, Stage and Sprites, Sprite Manipulation & Stamp, Stamp Iterative Lessons
Catching Game Demo, Stage Broadcasting – Sprites Respond, Stage Broadcast to Animals Activity
Broadcast Demo, Exploration, intermediate concepts, Sorting Activities

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