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With 15 years of a globally diversified experience, Hussain is a lead business analyst by profession. Academically, Hussain has a few MBA’s and more than 10 years on teaching, training, developing and guiding students to achieve their professional goals. He is extremely passionate about his career. His success as a business analyst and as a teacher speaks for itself as he holds 90% success rate with his students. He teaches program that is most closely real world and makes his students experience what BAs are doing in and out every day. Hussain shares the experience and makes my each and every student feel, live and breathe BA.

Course Introduction:

Business Analyst course at IT Interns is a real world deliverable program, we teach you what BA’s are currently doing day in and day out in real world. The 7 weeks in class interactive training is conducted through presentations, lecture and workshops. The program includes academic training, reading resources to gain knowledge, real world examples, project management tool training, demo & mock interviews, resume writing, placement assistance and post job assistance.
Business Analyst is a Liaison between business and Technology, although it’s an IT profession it is not technical at all, and everyone with some communication, relationship building and analytical skills can outshine in this career. It is one of the most lucratively paid profession where authority precedes responsibility.
The BA instructor is a Lead Business Analyst by profession with 15+ years of global & diversified experience and 6 Academic degrees under his belt.