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The technology is affecting us in ways that was unimaginable before. The social media networks have changed our societies and the way we communicate. For parents these days, it is sometimes a little tricky to handle their kids’ obsession with mobile devices, social media, and gaming. A kid growing up today uses Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and Twitter to connect with friends, community, and the world at large. They are more indulged in playing video games on Xbox and PlayStation than going outdoors to engage in physical activities. For them, social life is equivalent to virtual connectivity.

To be popular among peers and be a good student, it is important for kids to know technology and make use of it in most creative ways. Despite parents’ concern over kids’ excessive use, they end up spending lot of time in front of either computer or mobile phones. Most of the time, these activities are not quite productive. However, you cannot persuade this young generation to change their lifestyle. What can be a solution to this whole dilemma?
Putting the same passion of your child to good use, you can indulge them in activities that are more fruitful, not just for learning an additional skill but for developing a career path early on. If a child loves to play games, it is better yet to learn how to develop games. Programming, Graphic Designing, Web Development are some examples that all start with coding. Give your kids a head start in career early on so when they graduate and enter job market, they are ready to make their mark.
The parents might think, it is difficult for kids to learn coding early on. However, for children it is easier to grasp new ideas and subjects with their curious minds. IT Interns has a dedicated team who came up with Little Coders program at our institute that is specifically designed for young kids to learn coding. Our instructors make sure to break down the academic content in simplest way for kids to understand and help them with application of learned skills during our workshops.
Appreciating your kid’s passion and supporting him/her to adopt it as a career, is a great way to ensure his/her success. When they are interested in a field and love what they do, they do not see it as “work.” With passion comes creativity, creativity breeds innovation, and innovation leads to success.
IT Interns team welcomes all parents along with their children to the institute to observe how we run our workshops. Little Coders program is broken further into three levels. The Level-1 course is for young minds to grasp the basics. We will soon introduce Level-2 and Level-3 courses for our graduated students for them to go deeper into the subject of coding.

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