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Asad Muhammad

Asad Muhammad is a valuable member of IT Interns, who has provided substantial efforts to the institute with his technical skills as an instructor and socially, as being a an incredible example for our students and an amazing Mentor. He has deep knowledge of manual and exploratory testing practices. Having 7 years of experience working in QA field, he got ample knowledge of front-end and back-end testing with RDBMS validation in Web and Mobile industries. He is skilled in manual and automation testing using Selenium WebDriver with Java programming. Currently, he is working as a QA instructor at IT Interns with enthusiasm to implement all the executive targets and to ensure that all the objectives are met.

Course Introduction:

Along with Being a part of mentor board, Asad is an SQL Trainer with a thorough understanding of his subject matter. SQL is a short but a very beneficial course for Quality Assurance Testers and other IT fields. Learning SQL will give you imperative understanding of significant theoretical concepts that are closely relevant to all data storage systems used. SQL is used everywhere.