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At IT Interns, we teach more than how to code or find bugs. We show you how to learn faster than you ever thought possible and have fun while doing it. We teach to the individual, not to the average of group of students. If you’re more advanced in one area but need extra help in another, we’ll support your needs accordingly.

We emphasize practical skills and conceptual understanding over topic coverage and content knowledge. From that vantage point, we have developed a curriculum which is punctuated by expectations for what a student should be able to build. The specific tools and techniques flow from there.

To employ an analogy, try comparing our program to training in furniture construction. If you are learning to build furniture, then your primary goal is acquiring the necessary skills to build tables, chairs, sofas, etc. The mastery of specific tools and techniques are secondary goals, and they derive from the choices you make on the path towards the primary goal. For example, if your objective is to build a coffee table, there are all kinds of choices to make along the way: hand tools or power tools? Nails or screws or glue? Oak or maple or mahogany? Sanded and varnished or rough and unfinished? Milled boards or burl slab top? Each of these choices will require that you learn a different set of tools and techniques, and to explore a different domain of knowledge. Your curriculum of study should reflect the flexibility needed to best serve your primary goal instead of being strictly coupled to a set of (possibly irrelevant) secondary goals. This is how we approach our curriculum. The desired learning outcome should dictate the means, and not the other way around.