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About IT Intern

IT Intern’s immersive bootcamps prepare you for information technology (IT) roles at world-class companies like PepsiCo, Salesforce, and CME Group.Our bootcamp-styled workshops equip you with the practical skills that are required for becoming a successful IT professional.In addition, our mentorship program gives you a unique opportunity to learn directly from the top experts in the field.

Who We are

At IT Intern, we believe in investing in oneself and investing in the future. Not only with money or time but truly make your path through dedication, passion for learning and zealous attempts at growing professionally. Our instructors and mentors are always looking out for opportunities to help our students and train them professionally to become successful in their IT career. All the courses are designed with a deliberate effort to give a practical understanding of the particular subject and are taught by qualified and experienced individuals from IT industry.
Today, the progress is encouraged in all domains of life through information technology and related skills. All sorts of jobs require some basic knowledge of computer and IT. Therefore, keeping this necessity of today’s economic life, IT Intern educates individuals through extensive in-class training sessions as well as workshops that provide real time experience of working on live projects. The instructors at IT Intern have a collective experience of over six decades, and each one of our subject experts is a specialized IT professional innovator and creative leader with work experience in some of the top companies in Illinois. Our courses give you the experience and skills you need to succeed on the job and grow your career.

Our Immersive Curriculum

Our short-term, immersive “IT boot camps” run for 8-12 weeks and will transform you into a full-stack IT professional. Through our hands-on curriculum that combines theory and real-world projects, plus our mentorship program, we’ve helped over a thousand beginners with little or no technical  background get placed in top companies nationwide.

Who you’ll be learning from

Here are a few of our course instructors with experience in the field.

Victor Trofimciuc

Selenium Automation Trainer

Victor is a developer who fell in love with the web automation testing based on selenium, and set out to making automation testing fun, reliable and easy to learn. He is now working to earn his Java certification.

Asad Muhammad

SQL Lead Trainer & QA Mentor

Over 7 years of experience in front end and backend testing. Skilled in manual and automation testing using Selenium. Asad has been an incredible role model for our students and graduates.

Soban H. Shah

QA Program Mentor Manager

Over 5+ years of experience as a black box tester. Proficient in front end and back end testing with substantial expertise in data analysis. Devoted to providing top-notch mentoring to ongoing and new graduates students.



With 15 years of a globally diversified experience, Hussain is a lead business analyst by profession. Academically, Hussain has a few MBA’s and more than 10 years on teaching, training, developing and guiding students.